My Weight Watchers Story

So far…

So throughout my life I’ve always thought I was “chubby”. It wasn’t until I gained around 30 pounds through college that I realized I’d been a very normal size most of my life.  Oh how I wish the high school me would have realized that.

Most people say they have a certain moment when they just know they have to do something about their weight.  I can’t say I had that lightbulb moment, but these pictures was definitely a contributor.


Ouch. That’s all. (Oh, and that last picture – that’s after I’d already joined and lost some weight…)

Fortunately when I set my mind to something I don’t give up (at least not easily).  I joined Weight Watchers in May of 2008.  By the beginning of the next school year I’d lost 20 pounds.  By the end of the school year I’d lost an additional 15.

THEN I STOPPED TRACKING.  I was 2 pounds away from goal and I thought, “Eh…I can do this without Weight Watchers.”  Hahahaha.  No.


Needless to say, when I stopped tracking I gained weight.  From May 2009 to May 2010 I only gained about 5 pounds.  Then when school started that next year I gained another 5.

I rejoined in January of 2011, hit goal a couple months later and then in May of 2011 I started working for Weight Watchers.  I started leading meetings in October 2011 and I must say – I love it.  It really helps to keep me accountable, I learn things EVERY.SINGLE.DAY from my members.

Today?  I portioned out one of my favorite snacks (Quaker Oat Squares) in individual ziplock baggies.  Now, is this amazing information that I never would’ve learned without Weight Watchers?  No.  It’s just common sense.  But the reason I love Weight Watchers (especially their new focus with Weight Watchers 360) is that they really focus on helping their members conquer their spaces and develop new and healthy routines.  That is why it’s such a great program.  It’s really about how to make it work for each individual member.  Over the long term.

Here’s to hoping that Weight Watchers continues to work for me over the long term.

*This is all simply my own experience with Weight Watchers and is not endorsed by Weight Watchers, Inc.

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