Giving Thanks V.1

I recently watched the documentary Happy. I love movies like this. They make you think. Make you aware of things that we too easily forget. One thing it mentioned was that people who are happy usually take time each week to count their blessings.  Maybe they do this in a spiritual way, maybe they just sit down and write a list of five things they’re thankful for.  I’m hoping to give thanks each week here.  To sit down and take the time to really think about everything that I have that’s awesome.  And there’s a lot.

1. Snow days with this little cutie pie.2013-02-26 14.47.342. Having time to get more of this craft done.  Confession: I’ve never finished a knitting project – why did I decide to do one this big for my first actual complete project?  Who knows.  I’m crazy.

3. Linemen!  Today most of mid-Missouri was without power.  However, we were able to have a hot dinner because some wonderful people worked pretty hard today.  Thanks!

4. Breakfast for dinner!  Sausage and Pancakes.  Seriously delicious.

5. Accountability.  A couple days ago I posted on Instagram that I was going to start a new workout routine yesterday.  Just doing that (posting it on social media) made me do it.  And when the power came back on today you can guess I got down there and did my express workout – it was a good one!

What are you thankful for today?


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