Change is in the Air…

I’m trying to slowly ready myself for some major life changes that will be happening pretty soon.  Not that having a baby and selling our house wasn’t life changing enough.  In a couple months my babysitter (read: MOM!) will be moving out of state, and I’m gonna have to do what mothers everywhere do all the time: run errands with my baby, instead of leaving him with my mother.

Feel free to roll your eyes, I know I’m privileged.

Either way, getting ready for these changes calls for Little Man’s first trip to Home Depot today after his flu booster shot.

2013-03-07 15.30.35He picked out those blinds all by himself.  Needed something to keep his room a little darker when it’s bright outside and someone doesn’t want to nap.  Wonder who that could be.  By the way, if you need an easy solution, get paper blinds.  You can cut them to whatever size window you have – amazingly simple.

And after running errand after errand (working early this morning, taking the cat whose still sick to the vet, baby to the doctor, home depot run) I still managed to get a work out in.  Heck yeah!

Some days are pretty awesome.  Really, all days with that smile are awesome.

Any secrets for how you manage to get it all done?  I need tips!


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1 Response to Change is in the Air…

  1. callinaj says:

    Aww he is so cute! He looks a lot like you in that photo. Still a lot like Erik too, but I can definitely see his momma in there somewhere now 🙂 As for running errands, usually we just go after the first morning nap, then back down for a nap when we get home. It’s definitely not as smooth as days at home, but it’s not the end of the world either. We’ve even taken her out for lunch during “errand time” with us and she’s done okay. I just bring a few different things to keep her entertained. And as for working out, no clue on what to do there. Would be nice if I could find the time and energy for a regular workout. Right now they are sporadic and rare!

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