Boston Marathon 2013: The Good – Part I

I’ve taken some time before posting about our trip to the Boston Marathon because it seemed so overwhelming.

I’m sure anyone reading this post knows what happened at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.  But I’m going to take this time to talk about my experience before that horrible situation.  Because, it was a great day.  A. Great. Day.

We started early, leaving my Aunt and Uncle’s house in New Hampshire, parking at one of their relatives houses in Newton, Massachusetts, and walking to near mile 19 on the course.  We got there around 10:15 in the morning, just in time to see the elite hand cyclists.  They’re amazing.  Just thinking about what they can do with just their arms.  Made me tired.  And inspired.

bm cyclists

Then we saw some military personnel completing the marathon in FULL gear.

bmarmyThere were lots of them – and boy did they look whipped the longer the marathon went on.

Henry enjoyed himself…

bmhenrySeriously, this boy I’ve discovered is amazing.  But you’ll hear that story, too.

Eventually we saw the elite runners – the women came first.  I must say, I was amazed at how CLOSE they were to us.  I mean, these people are insanely good at what they do, and I could’ve reached out and tripped them.  Yes, those lame thoughts went through my mind 🙂

bmelitewoman1This woman was at least a minute ahead of the pack of elite women runners.  My Aunt Lynn wanted to bet us she wouldn’t win, even if it was hard to believe that at the time. (To read her Boston Marathon experience, click here.) She was right.

The pack of elite women was a lot larger than the men.

bmelitewomenCheck out those legs!



In the Boston Marathon they have the elite women before the men, the men’s elite group was much smaller than the women’s “group”.


One cool thing, after the marathon on our way home, Dad ended up sitting right next to this fella – he won Boston last year!

bmelitekorirAfter the elite groups, came the crowds.  I was seriously in awe of just HOW MANY PEOPLE run the Boston Marathon.  And they’re ALL GOOD.  (I know caps are annoying, but that’s an important point.)  They all have to qualify, going fast.  And there were thousands upon thousands.

We started worrying we wouldn’t see my brother or his fiance.  There were just so. many. people.  Fortunately, we’d signed up for text updates, and the 30k mark was not far in front of us, so as soon as I got the text saying Sam had passed the 30k mark, we all started looking for him.

And amazingly enough, it’s easy to spot a tall guy wearing bright yellow.

bmsamHe made it look so easy. Seriously.  At mile 19 he was keeping up with a 7 minute per mile pace.  Go Sam!

After Sam passed we had awhile to wait before his fiance, Danielle, passed, so we enjoyed seeing the runner’s responses to our signs and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather.

More on The Boston Marathon: The Good, tomorrow.







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