Boston Marathon 2013: The Good – Part II

After cheering my brother on at mile 19 we waited for his fiance to pass.  They start everyone in waves at most marathons (since there are SO MANY PEOPLE – as I mentioned before) and Danielle’s wave started at least 20 minutes after Sam.

As we waited we enjoyed seeing the reactions of the runners to our signs.

If you’ve never been to a marathon before, you might not be aware, but people make up a lot of crazy signs.  A lot of them are people-specific “Go Sam!” or “Run, Danielle, Run!”

But there are others that are meant to encourage all of the runners, or get their attention, distract them from the pain, entertain them.  You name it, there’s a sign for it.

Well, I had picked up some sign making materials at the expo on Sunday so we spent Sunday night searching for some good ideas for signs.  The first one requires no explanation:

bmsign2Mom held the sign most of the time, and when runners would laugh and ask, “What’re you up to now?” She often fumbled over her words.  “I can’t come up with a good response!”

So…lesson learned: Have a quick easy response.

The second sign is below and might require an explanation for those of you non-runners out there:

bmsign1So, when Paul Ryan (Vice Presidential candidate in the 2012 Presidental elections) was doing a radio interview he claimed he had run a “2 hour and 50-something” marathon when he was younger.  When it was discovered that time was incorrect, Ryan claimed, “I literally thought that was my time. It was 22 years ago. You forget sorta these things”         (Source). Now, ANY runner knows (heck, any normal human being can realize) that if you’ve completed a marathon – 26.2 painstaking miles – you’re not about to forget how long it took you.  Especially when it actually took you “4 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds” which is what was discovered after Ryan made his original claim.

Running under three hours is damn hard.

So, needless to say, there were a LOT of runners who thought the sign was hilarious.  We even had one guy (a runner!) stop and take a picture of the sign.  And we heard numerous claims of, “Best sign of the race!”  Thanks to my brother Sam who gave us the idea – they’d seen a guy make a similar sign at the Denver Rock ‘n Roll Marathon when they qualified for Boston.

Just listen to Colbert talk about Ryan.  Ahh…Colbert.

So, about an hour after Sam passed us we got text notifications that Sam had finished the race, right after we got the text notification that Danielle, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, had passed the 30k mark.  We were on the lookout.

She looks so happy…


Turns out her IT band injury was flaring up, and the girl had blisters you wouldn’t believe. She paused for a moment while we told her how awesome she was/is:

bmdanAnd then, that crazy girl kept going!  🙂  And she did awesome.

After Danielle passed us we decided to head for the finish line, but first, we had to find a T station (the Boston subway) that would get us there.  Of course, this meant walking up Heartbreak Hill.

bmheartbreakhillTurns out, we had to pass 2 T stations because the entrance to them was on the other side of the street.  Also turns out, we are very fortunate that we had to miss those, otherwise we could very well have been at the finish line when the bombing occurred.

Henry was such a trooper and just hung out.  Dad and I passed him back and forth on the 3 mile trek to find our finishers.

bmhenrychillWe grabbed an Italian sausage near the end of Heartbreak Hill, trekked through the incredibly loud Boston College scene (would’ve been awesome to go through as a runner – they were loud!), and ended up finding a T station around mile 23.

Here we missed two trains, they were packed to the gills with passengers trying to get to the finish line.  It was about this time that I got a text notification that Danielle had completed the marathon as well – yay!

As we waited I thought I heard fireworks go off, and I remember thinking, “Why would they be letting fireworks off in the city?  That’s usually not allowed.”

After missing the two trains, we were lucky again.  A station master pulled another (empty!) train into service, and we were off.  Henry fell asleep and the train filled up.  A few stops later and the subway was stopped in the tunnel.  We didn’t really know what was going on, but we chatted with nearby passengers, Henry woke up and flirted with those around him, and about 20 minutes later the train continued to the next stop, Arlington Station, and everyone was rushed off by the police.

Tomorrow…Boston Marathon 2013: The Confusion


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1 Response to Boston Marathon 2013: The Good – Part II

  1. callinaj says:

    Loving the race day recap! I was having so much just tracking them at home and watching the race online. If they run next year I would love to go.

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