There’s always something.

This week has called for a lot of time sitting on my butt reading Crime and Punishment and essays.  Lots and lots of essays.

But, I just saw something pretty sweet.


If you use the website Edmodo, that might look familiar.  If you’re a teacher and you’ve never heard of Edmodo, um, wake up!  It’s awesome.  Maybe I should explain…in another post…someday.  But basically, that little message means I’m DONE grading essays.

In other news, I’m 3/4 of the way through my first week of my 4 week grad class.  So far…not bad.  I’m just looking forward to only having books to read, and not books AND essays.

Also, did you know it’s summer?  And it’s awesome.  I seriously love the leave your windows open weather we’ve been having lately.  And the fact that I can run outside.  ::sigh::



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