The trip that wouldn’t end…Part II

Read about Part I here.

We made it to the hotel around 10:30.  Mom and I still hadn’t eaten dinner, Henry needed a new diaper, we needed s….l….e….e….p…OH, and we needed to figure out how we were going to get home.

Mom and Dad left to track down some food and diapers (hopefully) while I stayed nursed Henry to sleep.  He was just so out of it, almost nothing could soothe him.

Diapers were out of the question (only a tiny gas station across the street, nada).  Food came from the vending machine.

Once the little guy was asleep I called American Airlines.  Thus the beginning of our luggage fun began.  That night I was on hold with them for 2 hours (on 2 separate phones and skype).  We were able to cancel our flight since there were no flights for the next 24 hours into the state of Missouri (all full), but on the luggage?  No progress.

Mom was stressed, said she wouldn’t sleep anyway, so she headed back to the airport (around 2 am) while Dad and I slept.  The plan was to catch the 6:10 shuttle to the airport, drop dad off for his flight, race to the train station, and catch Amtrack home.

That didn’t work.

Are you surprised? 🙂

The 6:10 shuttle was full.  The 6:40 shuttle was not.  Dad made it fine, but the 1/2 hour ride on the subway to the airport actually took 50 minutes.  So…you guessed it…we missed the train.

We were able to figure out pretty quickly that another train left for St. Louis at 9:30, so we regrouped, got some food, got DIAPERS (thank goodness), and got ready to board.  In the meantime we had to figure out who could come get us.  One of my aunts was more than willing (relatives really are the best), but Erik wanted to as well – so the husband got to drive to STL again.  Lucky guy.

Once we boarded Amtrak I finally was able to really breathe.  We just might make it home.

Oh, and here’s where I sing the praises of Amtrak.  Seriously.  SO much more comfortable than flying.  Your seats are bigger, you can roam around a lot more freely, there’s SPACE, and SCENERY.  And…man.  It’s just great.  If they traveled a little faster and offered free wi-fi, I’d go Amtrak every time.

trainOur go-to toys on this trip?  A plastic cup provided by American Airlines (the only flight we actually took on the way back), a spoon from our breakfast, and an empty Diet Coke bottle.  Yay for babies who love non-toy toys.

Can you tell this guy was ready to be home?

get me home


The other reason I like Amtrak?  They got us home, on time.  Crazy!!

So Erik met us at the train station and that’s when Henry decided to remind us exactly how much he hates riding in the car seat.  🙂  Poor kid.

It was a 2 hour drive home.  About 30 minutes from home my cell phone rang.  Boone County had a tornado warning.  We were supposed to take cover immediately.

That’s when I looked at Erik, “We are gonna make it home…right?”

We made it home around 6:30 Wednesday, April 17th.  About 36 hours after we were supposed to get home.  But we made it.  In one piece.  We were lucky.

Our luggage finally greeted us on Saturday.  And after writing a letter to American Airlines, Mom and I now both have a voucher for another ticket.  Ha.  I think I’ll wait awhile.



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