Happy National Running Day!

As a runner (hah!  a few years back I would’ve never called myself that) it’s sometimes hard to keep up your motivation.  Here are some ways I’m finding the ability to keep motivated lately:

Following inspiring athletes on Social Media:



Runner’s World on Facebook

Reading running/health related blogs/magazines:

Runner’s World (seriously, I like every article!)


AnotherMotherRunner (really cool site!)

Mama Laughlin (runner and busy mom w/an attitude, it’s a nice change sometimes)

SkinnyMeg (makes me feel like I should cross train more!)

Buy cute running gear:

Bicbands (non-slip, amazingness….also, apparently my head is HUGE)

This shirt (I want…a lot)

Oh…and this guy:

nationalrunningdayHe kept me company on our first stroller 5k.  I started out saying I’d do 2 miles…then as I was running I thought, why not 3?  Then 3 came and I just had to see what a 5k would be like.  I seriously need to pick a 5k to do with the little guy.  Preferably one with no hills. 🙂

Happy National Running Day!


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