Child Safety

So a month ago we moved.  And I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a pretty laid back parent.  I mean.  Kids are funny.

caughtI mean…right?

Anyway.  The house we’re renting already had child safety “locks” on all the kitchen cabinets.  Awesome, no?

Well.  No.

childsafetyWhat’s this, Mom?  A new toy?  How awesome of you to show me.

So while I’m a laid back parent, it’s nice to have some areas of the house off limits.  Like, the toilet?  (Yes. And ew.)  Or under the sink where all those tasty cleaning supplies are kept.

Needless to say, we had to get some that actually worked.  We did not, however, take away all of his new toys.

tupperwareThat cabinet full of tupperware?  It’s all yours, buddy.

Now, excuse me while I go chase my now extremely mobile baby around the house.




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1 Response to Child Safety

  1. callinaj says:

    No shame in babyproofing…better than having to call poison control when they eat something they shouldn’t.

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