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Recipe Review: Bran Pancakes

Oh yeah, you know you’re jealous. No, but really, I just needed to use some All-Bran.  We’ve been feeding it to my son to keep him…happy…and now that he’s decided that he feeds himself, I needed something that used a … Continue reading

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The trip that wouldn’t end…Part II

Read about Part I here. We made it to the hotel around 10:30.  Mom and I still hadn’t eaten dinner, Henry needed a new diaper, we needed s….l….e….e….p…OH, and we needed to figure out how we were going to get … Continue reading

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There’s always something.

This week has called for a lot of time sitting on my butt reading Crime and Punishment and essays.  Lots and lots of essays. But, I just saw something pretty sweet. If you use the website Edmodo, that might look … Continue reading

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It was the trip that wouldn’t end…Part I

It all started on April 16th, 2013. We were headed home from our Boston vacation.  When we got to the airport I got the evil eye from one of the American Airline employees who looked skeptically at my carry on … Continue reading

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Busy with a side of CUTE.

No posts this week?  Here’s why. 1. It’s the end of the semester.  Grades are due soon and I have LOTS of essays to grade.  YAY! 2. This kid is killin me.  It’s simply too. much. cuteness.

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Boston Marathon 2013: The Confusion

When we were rushed off the subway at Arlington Station, we didn’t really know there was anything wrong. There were cops – but it was the Boston Marathon – there are bound to be cops.  It wasn’t until we heard … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon 2013: The Good – Part II

After cheering my brother on at mile 19 we waited for his fiance to pass.  They start everyone in waves at most marathons (since there are SO MANY PEOPLE – as I mentioned before) and Danielle’s wave started at least … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon 2013: The Good – Part I

I’ve taken some time before posting about our trip to the Boston Marathon because it seemed so overwhelming. I’m sure anyone reading this post knows what happened at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.  But I’m going to take … Continue reading

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DIY – Knitted Pouf

I’m a little tardy in getting things for a nursery.  Or maybe not?  It’s not like my baby is almost 8 months old.  EIGHT MONTHS OLD!  Wow time, slow down. Anyway, I’m in the process of fixing up an old … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

In pictures: Details on the knitting project to come.  Still very impressed with myself.  🙂 What are you thankful for this week?

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