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Now that’s my kind of busy

Today’s agenda? 1. Wake up and make waffles.  Mmmm. 2. Take the dogs and hubby to the dog park with my sister-in-law. 3. Run with the hubby and dogs. 4. Mow the lawn 5. Read a book 6. Plant some … Continue reading

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Kids these days.

I have the tendency to say things I think I’ll regret when I have kiddos, but I really hope this isn’t one of them.  I had an awesome childhood.  Awesome.  My parents were great.  They treated us equally, spent lots … Continue reading

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You mean you’re supposed to post on a blog?

Yeah, you can just check me off as one of the worst bloggers this year. Seriously. My problem is I tell myself to post, then I put it off because I think I have nothing interesting to post, then I … Continue reading

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Hello my friend.

Yes, I missed the internet. I welcome you back my wonderful friend. A short update in pictures follows. E and our new puppy, Zoe. Such cuties. Our bathroom before. Our bathroom now…well, a couple hours ago. Now it’s grouted, too! … Continue reading

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Holy Busy Schedule

So I’ve been bad. At blogging I mean. It’s been really crazy busy lately, but only in a good way. E and I are now homeowners. We are also proud dog owners (her name’s Zoe and she’s adorable!). I’m also … Continue reading

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