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Move North? Yes, please.

So this weekend was a fun-filled time with the family at a campground in Wisconsin.  Willow River Falls State Park, to be exact.  We went a few years ago and really liked it, and I’m glad we chose a Wisconsin … Continue reading

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Now that’s my kind of busy

Today’s agenda? 1. Wake up and make waffles.  Mmmm. 2. Take the dogs and hubby to the dog park with my sister-in-law. 3. Run with the hubby and dogs. 4. Mow the lawn 5. Read a book 6. Plant some … Continue reading

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I wanted another puppy, but instead I decided to blog.

Why Summer’s Great! I don’t have to go to work. Seriously, who doesn’t love that? The weather is generally awesome. Okay, I admit, last week when the heat index was 109 and you stuck to every surface as soon as … Continue reading

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All kindsa news.

🙂 So E and I are officially under contract. **me doing a happy dance** We got a good price. They’re fixing the roof. We close by the end of the month. I’m so freaking excited about making this house ours. … Continue reading

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B-E-A-utiful weather!

Willow River Falls (Wisconsin) Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on this summer, but you won’t hear me complaining. The weather lately has been absolutely amazing! I have yet to turn on my air conditioning (all summer!). Can you say … Continue reading

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One would think…

That not having a job in the summertime would lead to me having more time on my hands meaning more posting. Ha! No such thing! Fun things so far this summer:1. Sand volleyball baby! Seriously, I’m addicted. It’s bad.2. Housework. … Continue reading

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So, last year in June I started going to the gym with my Mom. Sound weird? Well, my parents are both really into being healthy. Dad rock climbs, bikes, runs and just generally moves around a lot. Mom is always … Continue reading

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