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In lieu of a better title…

I’ve been a bad blogger. Every (other) day or so I think to myself, “Wow, Kate…you should really blog something.” And then I think: You have nothing to say! Am I really that boring? One would hope not. So what’s … Continue reading

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Yes, Really. It’s Lame.

War & Peace is killing my blogging lately. But, I swear, I’ll be done tomorrow (can you say Thank you!!). Until then, check out (I know, I know, I’ve mentioned it before). Central Missouri Humane Society is now ranked … Continue reading

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Simply Filling…

So I joined WW in May of 2008. I prepared myself for it. I told myself in the fall of 2007 that I had to do something. I was working out at least 4-5 times a week and my weight … Continue reading

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Help the….

Central Missouri Humane Society. I’m a volunteer for the Central Missouri Humane Society, and if anyone needs to win a shelter makeover, it’s them. They’ve recently had to squeeze their hours because of budget restrictions, the shelter was partially flooded … Continue reading

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