Teachers Gone Wild…

Last night was the high school faculty party – the school year is officially over. I just wish I had pictures, cause seriously. My coworkers are great, I knew that ahead of time, but, I’d never seen every single one of them let loose like that before. It was a riot! We played whiffle ball – which I was pathetically sore from this morning – played something like washers but with sandbags, told incredibly stupid knock knock jokes. Of course, PD was the worst – he and his “partner in crime” PS. They were hilarious.  Then there were sing-alongs. Mr. M had PD play some show tunes (The Sound of Music, Footloose, etc.) and there was much loud singing. I tell ya what, they’re a trip. The sights I saw…amazing.

It makes me so glad that I found this community and this job where I feel comfortable, accepted, and happy. I look back on last year and am so grateful for where I am.

Sand volleyball is back! Which of course means, summer is finally here! I love sand volleyball. It’s a bit of an obsession. Luckily I have friends who enjoy playing too. When we started playing 3 years ago (or was it 4?) I had them out on that court at least 5 days a week. Hmm…wonder if I can do that again this summer?

WI this week wasn’t that impressive. I was down, but only by .2 pounds. I didn’t feel as if I’d lost any weight, but after all that working out last week I was disappointed. I think it might be that I cut back on water and of course Sunday I strayed a bit – nothing extreme though. So this weeks goal? I’m going to try and eat all the fruit/veggie servings I’m supposed to every day and also drink all the water I’m supposed to. So I’m looking forward to next Monday – here I come scale!

Currently Reading: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (yes, I finally finished the first one! yay!)


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