DIY: Clothespin Bag

So the weather is pretty amazing lately, which means it’s time to hang the clothes out to dry.  I love the smell of line dried clothes 🙂

Well, recently my Mom moved and took with her the clothespin bag I made for her a LONG time ago.  It’s in need of repair…and I also wanted one of my own.  So, I made an outing to Hobby Lobby and found some weather resistant material.  It’s cute.

I based my bag off the one I found here (from Pinterest).

Looked easy enough.

Step One – I cut mine about 15″ x 21″


Step Two: Sew around the edges (to prevent fraying).  I just sewed about 1/4″ around the edge all the way around.


Step Three: Lay the fabric right side facing up and decide how deep you want your clothespin pocket to be.  Sew around the edges again.  Once that’s done, flip it right side out.


Step Four: Then place your hanger on the fabric and fold it over…sew close to the hanger and TADA!


Step Five: Fill ‘er up – with clothespins of course.  Ikea makes some awesome ones.

clothespin5Next time, I might actually choose thread that matches my fabric.  Maybe.  🙂  And I might make it 24″ long, so as to have a longer/bigger pouch.  Still, very easy.  I’m sure an accomplished seamstress might tell me it could look prettier, but really…it’s a clothespin bag!  No need to be too picky.

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